Based in College Park, MD, the Wells Hockey Clinic is an instructional program dedicated to teaching the game of hockey, and the skills required to play it, to both kids and adults. The program's coaching staff currently has more than 50 years combined coaching experience and each of us have a life-long love of the game.
The Clinic, as it is now known, is broken up into three separate 6 week sessions:
Session 1 - Hockey Skating Skills
Session 2 - Stickhandling, Passing & Shooting
Session 3 - Hockey Team Skills
The New Season will begin in early November, 2010. Stay tuned to the blog for up-to-date info and announcements.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hockey Sticks: A Love Story

For those of you with subscriptions to or ESPN the Magazine, I highly suggest you read 'To Each His Own', a story on NHL players and their hockey sticks. As goofy as we amatures are with our sticks, NHL players (with a seemingly endless supply of free sticks) are an entirely different monster. Blow torches, belt sanders, hack saws, spray paint and varieties of hockey tape are their tools of the trade, and their use them to custromize their sticks for their particular skill set. And their sticks often last less than 2 games a piece.

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